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Meet the Prunus Triplets

The Peach: Loring

Prunus persica ‘Loring’


The Plum: Farleigh

Prunus domestica ‘Farleigh’


Tart plums are canny canning plums~

The Cherry: Lambert

Prunus avium ‘Lambert’


Farleigh damsons have a sweet side, but they try to hide it. Their branches are thick with thorns. Their fruits are small and sour. Once ripe if they’re not harvested straight away they become overripe and unpalatable. But Farleighs produce a prolific crop in locations that cause dessert plums to flounder, and their fruits, though not quite pleasant to eat raw, become delightful when cooked, frozen, or turned into wine.

Like their namesake plums, our Farleigh too tries to hide sweetness and affection behind a tart, dry wit.

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Preorder period: June 1, 2017 ~ July 15, 2017
Shipping estimate: November~December, 2017


EMS China is the default shipping method we offer. DHL and other shipping methods are available on request. If you’d like to arrange for alternate shipping, please speak with us before placing your order.


  • Blank Basic Loring$215 $185.00
  • Default Faceup$25.00
  • Custom Eyes$22.00
  • Sailor Outfit$25.00
  • First Extra Head$80.00
  • Second Extra Head$60.00

Separate Faceups and Eyes can be purchased for each Extra Head

Extra Head is a full head (i.e. face plate + back piece)

Custom Eyes

Custom resin eyes are produced by ATG Eyes. You can read more about the eye-maker on Musume’s blog (interviewreview).

Size: 14mm
Iris: 7mm
Color Options: Blue / Light Purple / Dark Purple

Pupils are not black; they are colored to match the iris.

Sailor Outfit

Sailor outfits are produced by Mr. Barnaby.

Each set contains four pieces: hat with decorative button, blouse with silk bow, skirt (red set) / shorts (blue set), and mid-calf white socks (not pictured). They fit a most tinies in the 15~20cm size range easily. Larger slim tinies may also fit. Compare measurements to be sure!

It can be worn by the following bjds:
Lati Yellow, Luts Tiny Delf, Fairyland Pukifee, Soom IMDA 1.7, Asleep Eidolon tinies, Xaga Golden Obsidians, Dollzone B016 bodies and a few other slim tinies from DZ

And the following dolls:
Redberry dolls. Azone-s bodies (tummy may peek a tiny bit)

The Cherry: Lambert


Default Faceup  |  Dark Purple Eyes

The Peach: Loring


Default Faceup  |  Light Purple Eyes

The Plum: Farleigh


Default Faceup  |  Blue Eyes

Sailor Outfit Sets

Each set includes hat, blouse, skirt/shorts, and socks (not pictured). In some of the photos below, hats were replaced with hair ribbons. Please note that hair ribbons are not part of the outfit.

Posing and Hybridization

Supplemental Gallery


  • Height16cm
  • Head Circumference14cm
  • Eye14mm
  • Neck Circumference3.6cm
  • Shoulder width3.3cm
  • Chest Circumference7.5cm
  • Arm Length4.3cm
  • Waist Circumference7.8cm
  • Hip Circumference10cm
  • Inseam6cm
  • Leg Length6.7cm
  • Foot width1.1cm
  • Foot Length2.3cm


Hybridization & Body Comparison

Lambert Head On: Lati Yellow, DZ B016, Soom imda 1.7
Body Comparison
Left to Right: Lati Yellow, Pink Vetch Prunus, DZ B016, Soom imda 1.7


Feet magnets help with posing!
Sits and Kneels!
Synchronized Leaning
No Sueding or Wiring required!
Balance and Stability!
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